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Featured Site: Created by a Navy veteran as the result of the passing away away of an old shipmate, is a site for shipmates to find each other, by hull number of squadron number. The site is well-designed, well-thought-out and deserves support and recognition. Bravo Zulu, Dave Schultz!

Association of Naval Aviation Reunions page [Association of Naval Aviation]
Boston Globe Reunion Page (gone 6/22/00)
Bupers Shift Colors Magazine (In Adobe Acrobat format) [USN Bureau of Personnel]
FRA Ships Reunion List [Fleet Reserve Association] 4,127 U.S. Navy Command Personnel Rosters hosted; a well-designed site, well-thought-out site that deserves support and recognition [Dave Schultz]
Marine Link Reunions page Reunions for all services as a service from the Marine Corps - most complete reunion listing on the Web [US Marine Corps]
Military Locator & Reunion Service, Inc. Reunion Information! Lists reunions organized by MLRS, Inc. [Military Locator & Reunion Service, Inc]
Mobile Riverine Force Association Veterans Reunions and Gatherings [Mobile Riverine Force Association]
National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors Ship's Reunions [National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors]
Naval Associations and Reunions at Inside the Web (a LookSmart service)[Tony DiGiulian/Warships1]
Shipmate Locator at Inside the Web (a LookSmart service)[Tony DiGiulian/Warships1]
Naval Contact and Reunion Listings (formerly Jon Griffen's Ship Reunions) [Tony DiGiulian/Warships1]
Naval Mine Warfare Association Minelayers and Minesweepers Reunion Dates [Naval Mine Warfare Association]
ReunionInfo: U.S. Navy Reunions (Sadly out of date) [Arco Iris Web Designs]
Reunion Reveille: Navy / Marines / Coast Guard / Joint Service [Reunions Magazine]
Royal New Zealand Naval Association Reunion Diary
Seawaves Naval Reunions [Seawaves Magazine] Military Veterans' Database Reunion Search Form  [Nickie D. Baker, TDCM USN Ret]
! ShipsCompany Royal Navy/Royal Marines free reunion portal [Larry Taylor & Simon Goodwin]
Simonedes Veterans Organizations Links International and very complete [The Simonides Group]
Subnet's U.S. Naval Submarine Reunion Schedule [Subnet]
Tailhook Association Reunions page [Tailhook Association]
Tin Can Sailors Ship Reunions [Tin Can Sailors]
UDT-SEAL Association Reunions [UDT-SEAL Association]
VETS® Reunion Information [VETS® ]

For specific association or society reunions or conventions, please see the Associations page; for specific ship and submarine listings please see the Ships or Submarines pages.

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