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What qualifies me to maintain this list?
  • Naval Service: 21 years active duty in the United States Navy (Jun 1973 to September 1994)
    • graduate of the United States Naval Academy
    • service as a flight instructor in both advanced undergraduate helicopter training and in an SH-2F Seasprite fleet replacement squadron
    • Student Control Officer for U.S. Navy advanced undergraduate helicopter training (equivalent to college Dean of Students & Career Development Director combined)
    • two deployments on United States Naval Service vessels manned by civilian mariners, giving me good insight into and understanding of the civil mariner and maritime issues
    • three at-sea deployments as a helicopter detachment Officer-in-Charge 
    • aviation detachment and squadron Operation Officer tours; SH-2F squadron Tactics Officer, Administrative Officer, and Safety Officer tours
    • flagship Aviation Officer for a UNITAS (South American) deployment with a U.S. helicopter detachment, a drone detachment, and an Argentinian helicopter detachment under my direct authority
    • Anti-Submarine Warfare Range Officer for Helicopter Sea Control Wing One
    • Navy ROTC instructor
  • Academic credentials: former Assistant Professor of Naval Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
    • taught Naval Weapons Systems and Seapower and Maritime Affairs
    • my direct influence (combined with that of my mentor and plebe-year Seapower professor, Dr. Kenneth Hagan) resulted in distribution of Sir Julan Corbett's Green Pamphlet to all new NROTC Seapower instructors; this act, coupled with the adoption of Hagan's This People's Navy as the textbook, signalled a shift away from the classic Mahanian concepts of Naval warfare to those of Corbett, considerably more in line with current strategic emphasis on littoral warfare and joint service operations
  • Web pioneer
    • Created first homepage for the United States Naval Academy, fall 1994
    • After establishment of the official United States Naval Academy Web site, maintained USNA Candidate Guidance pages for over a year
    • Created first Web site for alumni of the United States Naval Academy, originally called It's Not Shipmate!; now called Homeport
    • Responsible for technical management of the Illinois Institute of Technology homepage from 1995 to 1999; ranked as one of the top 1,000 sites on the Web in terms of volume
    • Sole author of a Webmaster curriculum accredited at the Technical Fundamentals level by the Association of Internet Professionals Certification Accreditation Council
    • Member of the Association of Internet Professional's Certification Accreditation Council (
    • Subject Matter Expert for the Computer Trade Industry Association's (CompTIA) i-Net+ certification (
    • Member of the Council of the World Wide Web Virtual Library
    • Manage multiple Web sites with a variety of focii
      Member of the Internet Society WWW Virtual Library: Librarian Member, Association of Internet Professionals
  • See my homepage for more about me

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