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Engineering, Technical, and Scientific Associations
Maritime Associations
Coast Guard Associations
Sea Service Associations
Marine Corps Associations
Naval Associations
Engineering, Technical, and Scientific Associations
American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
Asociación de Ingenieros Navales de España (Naval Engineers Association of Spain)
! Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale (ATENA - Naval Technical Association of Italy)
! Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT)
Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
European Maritime Research Area
The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (UK)
Institute of Marine Engineers (UK)
The Institute of Navigation
International Hydrographic Organisation
! The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (in Japanese only)
Marine Technology Society
Naval Architectural Society of New Zealand (gone 6/21/00)
Royal Institution of Naval Architects (UK)
The Royal Netherlands Society of Professionals in Shipping Technology
Shanghai Society of Naval Architectsand Marine Engineers
The Society of Naval Architects of Japan (SNAJ)
The Society of Naval Architects of Korea
The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (KORAB)
The West European Confederation of Maritime Technology Societies
Maritime Associations
Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe
American Association of Port Authorities
American Bureau of Shipping
American Merchant Marine Veterans (Offline 6/7/02)
! Gulfstream Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Southeastern Florida)
! Midwest Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin)
! Cactus Mariners, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Southern Arizona)
! High-Rollers Mariners, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Southern Nevada)
! Dennis Roland Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (New Jerse)
! East Bay Mariners, American Merchant Marine Veterans (San Francisco East Bay Area, CA)
! SS Samuel Parker Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (St. Louis and Southern Illinois)
! SS Stephen Hopkins Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Dallas-Fort Worth)
! Silicon Valley Mariners Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Silicon Valley, CA)
! Edwin J. O'Hara, American Merchant Marine Veterans (New York City)
! Juan de Fuca Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Port Angeles, WA)
! MO Valley Mariners, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Bellevue, Nebraska)
! North Atlantic Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Long Island, NY)
! New England Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Massachusetts & New Hampshire)
! China Coasters Chapter, American Merchant Marine Veterans (Wilmington, CA)
American Pilots Association
American Sail Training Association
American Shipbuilding Association
American Society of Marine Artists
American Waterways Operators
! American Vessel Documentation Association
Arbeitskreis historischer Schiffbau (Historical Shipbuilding Working Group - Germany)
! ASEAN Ports Association
Asociación de Navieros Españoles (Spanish Shipowner's Association)
Association of Certified Marine Surveyors
Association of International Shipping Agents
The Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia
Association of Ship Brokers and Agents  (US)
Australian Centre for Maritime Studies
Australian Marine Pilots Association
Baltic Exchange
Baltic Ports Organization
Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO)
British Chamber of Shipping
British Marine Equipment Council (now the Society of Maritime Industries (UK))
! Canadian Nautical Research Society
Canadian Shipowners' Association
Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine
! Classification Societies (Classification Societies are not listed on this page; please visit this link for a complete listing) [WWWVL Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide/Todd Kenyon]
Commissioned Officers Association of the United States (COA) Public Health Service, Inc.
! The Connecticut Maritime Association
Comit� Maritime International
Council of American Master Mariners
Cruise Line International Association
Cyprus Shipping Council
Danish Shipbuilders
Danish Shipowner's Association
European Community Shipowners' Association
! European Group of Institutes of Navigation
European Group on Ocean Stations
! European Marine Equipment Council
European Maritime Pilots' Association
European Sea Ports Organization
Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Finnish Shipowners' Association (Offline 6/7/02; information available at
German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association
Hellenic Chamber of Shipping
Indian National Shipowners Association [Indian Nat'l Shipowners Ass'n/i-maritime Consultancy Pvt Ltd]
! International Association for the Study of Maritime Mission
International Association of Classification Societies
International Association of Institutes of Navigation
International Association of Ports and Harbours
! International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
International Association of Maritime Economists
International Association for Safety and Survival Training
! International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
International Chamber of Shipping
International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare
International Council of Cruise Lines
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
International Loran Association
International Marine Contractors Association
International Maritime Bureau (IMB) [International Chamber of Commerce]
! International Maritime Health Association - IMHA (offline 1/29/06)
International Maritime Law Institute
The International Maritime Lecturers Association
International Maritime Organization (UN)
International Maritime Pilots' Association
International Maritime Radio Association (CIRM)
International Navigation Association (PIANC)  In French and English
International Navigation Association United States Section [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Resources Support Center] (Sites not loading 1/29/06)
International Organisation of Masters, Mates and Pilots
International Ship Suppliers Association
International Salvage Union
International Ship Suppliers Association
International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers  (UK)
Institute of International Container Lessors
The Institute of Navigation
Lake Carriers' Association (US/Canada Great Lakes)
Liverpool Nautical Research Society
Marine Accident Investigators International Forum
Marine Machinery Association
Marine Navigation and Training Association (MANATRA) Chicago, USA-based maritime training organization
Marine Patrol Association  (Maritime law enforcement)
Marine Retailers Association of America
The Marine Society (The world's oldest public maritime charity) (UK)
Marine Technology Society
! The Maritime Association of the Port of New York / New Jersey
Maritime Cabotage Task Force (US)
! The Maritime Law Association of the United States (UK)
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)
Mission to Seafarers
Multiport Ship Agencies Network
National Association of Marine Surveyors (US)
National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America
National Unaffiliated Shippers Association (US)
National Waterways Conference (US)
The National Maritime Historical Society (US)
The Nautical Institute
The Nautical Training Corps (British organization similar to Sea Cadets) (Offline 6/7/02)
North American Shippers Association
! Norwegian Shipowners' Association/Norges Rediriforbund (also in English)
! The Oil Companies International Marine Forum
Authoridad del Canal de Panama
Pacific Maritime Association
Passenger Vessel Association
Propeller Club of the United States
Sailors' Union of the Pacific
! Seafarers Health Information Center
Seafarers International Research Centre
Seafarers International Union (SIU) of North America
Seamen's Church Institute of New York and New Jersey
Sea Scouts, B.S.A.
Sea Scouts Fleet UK
Sea Scout Index UK
Shipbuilders Council of America
The Shiplovers' Society of Victoria
Ship Operations Cooperative Program
! The Singapore Nautical Institute
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
! Society of Maritime Industries (UK) (Replaces the British Marine Equipment Council)
! Association of British Offshore Industries
! Association of Marine Scientific Industries
! British Marine Equipment Association
! British Naval Equipment Association
! Ports & Terminals Group
! UK Spill Association
Sociedad Española de Medicina Marítima, Spanish Society of Maritime Medicine (in English, Español, y Catalá) (server offline 1/29/06)
! Société Française de Médecine Maritime (au Française)
Steamship Historical Society of America
Swedish Shipowners' Association
Transportation Institute (US)
Turkish Maritime Pilots' Association
UK Offshore Operators Association
! United Seamen's Service
! Universal Ship Cancellation Society [Nautical philately]
U.S. Maritime Service Veterans
Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA)
World Ship Society
World Ship Trust
! Youth Maritime Training Association (YMTA) (Washington State, USA)
Coast Guard Associations
! The Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl: The Coast Guard Aviation Association (USA)
! Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association
The Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association of the United States Coast Guard
! Coastguard Auxiliary Association (USA)
The Coastguard Association (UK)
! Coast Guard Combat Veteran's Association (USA)
! Coast Enlisted Association (USA)
! Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (USA)
! The Coast Guard Foundation (USA)
! Coast Guard Sea Veterans of America [Ken Long, CGSVA Secretary]
! Coast Guard Sea Veterans of America [Ken Long, CGSVA Secretary]
! Coast Guard Tug Association (USA)
! Foundation for Coast Guard History (USA)
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)
! Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Australia)
The United States Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association
! U.S. Coast Guard Academy Parents Association 
The USCG Chief Petty Officers Association [QMCM Joe D'Elia (Ret.)]
! United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Sea Service Associations
! The Armed Forces Retirement Home
Army and Navy Union, U.S.A. (ANU)
Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada
Association of Naval Aviation
! Association of Naval Aviation: Admiral Jimmy Thach Squadron (Little Rock, Arkanasas)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Cape Fear Seahawk Squadron (Wilmington, North Carolina)
Association of Naval Aviation: Grampaw Pettibone Squadron (Orange County, California)
Association of Naval Aviation: Hampton Roads Squadron (Virginia)
Association of Naval Aviation: Pitcairn Squadron (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania)
Association of Naval Aviation: Whidby Island (Whidby Island, Washington)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Silver Osprey Squadron (Tampa Bay, Florida)
The Center for Defense Information
Fleet Reserve Association
The Military Coalition
! The Military Officers Association of America [formerly The Retired Officers Association]
Naval Helicopter Association
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
National Association of Naval Veterans Port 5 In Bridgeport, Connecticut; the last chapter of the oldest national naval veterans organization in the U.S.
Legion of Valor of the United States of America
The Reserve Officers Association
The Retired Officers Association (now The Military Officers Association of America)
! Royal Navy & Royal Marines Sport Parachute Association
United States Naval Institute
Woman Officers Professional Association
World War II Veterans
Marine Corps Associations
1812 Marines A volunteer reenactment unit affiliated with the USS Constitution Museum
The China Marine Association
The Chosin Few
The Force Recon Association
Headquarters Marine Corps Association  Serving past and present members of Headquarters Battalion(s) and the Marine Security Guard Battalion which was formerly "F" Co, Headquarters Battalion
The Leatherneck Pipe Band A bagpipe band composed entirely of former Marines
Marine Corps Association
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association
The Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Phoenix
Marine Corps Cryptologic Association (MCCA)
Marine Corps Family Network
The Marine Corps Historical Foundation
Marine Corps Intelligence Association, Inc.
Marine Corps League
National Headquarters
Bucktail Detachment #856
Big "D" Detachment Homepage
Columbia River Detachment #826
Department of Pennsylvania
Det 758
Detachment #184 St. Louis, Missouri
Emerald Coast Detachment #915
Eno River Detachment
General A.A. Vandegrift Detachment #068
Thomas Holcomb Detachment
Nevada Detachment #186
Greensburg (PA) Detachment #834
Law Enforcement Detachment
Merton R. Kemp Detachment
Naples Florida Detachment #063
Rough Rider Detachment MCL 435
San Francisco East Bay #919
Tamarac Detachment #755
! The Marine's Memorial Club/Hotel in San Francisco
Marine Corps Musician Association
Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Marine Corps Scout/Snipers
Marine Corps Tankers Association
Marine Corps University Foundation
Mojave Desert Marines Association
NYPD Marine Corps Association
OV-10 Bronco Association
Presidential Service Association
! The Royal Marines Association City of London
! The Royal Marines Association East Lanc's
! The Royal Marines Association Exeter Branch
! Royal Marines Association Exmouth Branch
! The Royal Marines Association of Ontario (Canada) [Norrie Millen]
! The Royal Marines Association Tyneside Branch Web page editor Brian Easton
! The Royal Marines Association Welwyn Garden City Branch
The Semper Fidelis Society at the University of Maryland at College Park
Stockton Marine Corps Club
U.S. Marine Cadet Corps
USMC Combat Correspondents Association
USMC Drum & Bugle Corps
! USMC Heritage 2000 Foundation  [FJA Solutions, Inc]
USMC Historical Company World War II Reenactment unit
USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association
USS Constitution Detachment -- The Oldest Detachment in the Corps
Women Marines Association
Yahoo! Marine Clubs Online bulletin boards from Yahoo
Young Marines (Marine Corps League)
Young Marines Chapters Links
Website for Young Marines Unofficial but comprehensive; a great site [B.J. Chadduck. GySgt (Ret)]
Marine Division/Regiment/Battalion Associations
First Marine Division Association
Los Angeles Chapter
Bodfish Chapter
Desert Cities/Mitch Paige, Medal of Honor Chapter
Second Marine Division Association
Third Marine Division Association
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Association
Third Battalion Third Marines Veterans Association (Vietnam) 1961-1971
Fourth Marines
First Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Second Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Third Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Twenty-Second Marines Association 
Naval Associations
Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association  [George M. Dougan]
! Aircrewman's Association (Royal Navy UK)
The Algerines Association
American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
Annapolis Naval Sailing Association
The Anti-Submarine Officers' Association (Australia; now The Naval Warfare Officers� Association which has no site)
! Association for assistance in the Navy (Belgium)
Association of Aviation Ordnancemen
Association of Former Vietnamese Navy Officers (gone 1/29/06)
Association of Minemen [Fred Dane and Harold Elston]
! Association of Naval Service Officers
The Association of Royal Navy Officers (ARNO)
! Australian Centre for Maritime Studies (now the Australian Association for Maritime Affairs)
Australian Naval Amateur Radio Society [ANARS/Simon Buxton,VK2UA]
Australian Naval Association
! Australian Naval Institute
Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association
! Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society
Blue Angels Alumni Association
Fleet AW Association [David DeVarney]
! Fleet Air Arm Armourers' Association (U.K.) [Webmaster Brian Gleeson]
Fleet Air Arm Association (UK) [Scott Spencer]
! Fleet Air Arm Buccaneer Association (UK) [Ian "Pincher" Martin]
Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Association (UK)
Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association (UK)
! Hellenic Navy Retired Officers Association (Greece; in Greek only)
Historic Naval Ships Association
The Historical Maritime Society (UK) Naval Re-Enactors
! International Naval Research Organization
! International Naval Studies Group [Robin J. Lee (dormant as of 1/29/06 but this is where it will be if it comes back)]
Iowa Class Preservation Association
Israel Navy Veterans Association (gone 6/22/00)
Japanese Navy Warship Model Preservation Association (gone 6/22/0) [William Lise]
The Midland Naval Officers' Association (UK)
! Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers' Association (UK)
The Mobile Riverine Force Association
National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors
National Association of Naval Photography  [B. F. Moore]
! National Chief Petty Officers' Association [EMC William A. "Bill" Williams]
National Council of Industrial Naval Air Stations
! National Naval Officers Association 
! National Naval Officers Association Hawaii Chapter
! National Naval Officers Association, Monterey Chapter
! National Naval Officers Association, Marine Corps Base Quantico
! National Naval Officers Association, San Diego
National Naval Officers Association Washington DC Chapter
National Sonar Association An Association of Soundmen, Sonarmen, Sonar Technicians and Others Interested in Sonar [John Bedford]
Naval Airship Association
Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Historical Association
The Naval Association (An Cumann Chabhlaigh) Ireland
Naval Association in Assens (Danish Navy; also in Danish; gone 1/29/05)
Naval Association of Australia
Naval Association of Physician Assistants
Naval Civilian Managers Association (gone 1/29/05)
The Naval Christian Fellowship (UK)
Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
The U.S. Naval Fire Support Association
! Naval Historical Collectors and Research Association
! The Naval Historical Foundation
The Naval Historical Society of Australia Inc
The Naval Intelligence Professionals
Naval Officers Club (Australia)
Naval Postgraduate School Sailing Association
Naval Mine Warfare Association
! Naval Officers' Association of Canada
Naval Officers' Association of Canada Ottawa Branch
Naval Reserve Association
Naval Order of the United States
Naval Submarine League
! Naval Special Warfare Foundation
The Navy & Marine Living History Association, Inc.™  Navy and Marine Reenactors [Russell V. Tucker]
Navy Anesthesia Society  [LCDR Steve Shiue]
Navy Audiology Society (gone 6/22/00)
Navy Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Association
Navy Carrier Society [Flying model aircraft society dedicated to control line Navy Carrier operations]
Navy Counselor's Association
Navy Helicopter Veterans' Association  [Don Bellemare/Virtual Interactive Center; formerly Navy Helicopter Alumni Association]
Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
! Navy League of Australia
Navy League of Canada
Navy League of the United States
Navy Lithographers’ Association
! Navy Musicians Association [Don Fugate]
Navy Mustang Association
Navy Nurse Corps Association
FRA - Naval Affairs Magazine
Navy Records Society
Navy SeaBee Veterans of America
NAVets USA [Edward C. Reese, NCCS, USN Retired]
Navy Wives Clubs of America
Navy Yacht Club San Diego
Netherlands Sea Cadet Corps (also in English)
Opticalmen and Instrumentmen Association
PBR Force Veterans Association
! Royal Australian Naval Sailing Association
! Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (offline as of 1/30/06)
Royal Naval Association
Royal Naval Commando Association [Ken Oakley/Keith Oakly]
Royal Naval Communications Association
! Royal Navy Enthusiasts' Society
! Royal Naval Sailing Association
Royal Naval Medical Branch and Sick Berth Staff Association
! Royal Sailors' Rests (UK)
! Royal New Zealand Naval Association
The Seawolf Association
Selfridge Chief Petty Officer's Association [ADCS(AW) Charles Esper]
The Skyhawk Association
Society of Navy General Preventive Medicine Officers
Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons
Submarine Veterans of World War II
Submarine Wive's Club
Submariner's Association of Canada  
! Submariners Association of Canada (Central)
! Submariners Association of Canada (East)
! Submariners Association of Canada (Halifax)
! Submariners Association of Canada (West)
The Surface Navy Association Homepage
Tacamo Survivors
Tailhook Association Home Page
The Toronto Naval Club (Canada) [Norrie Millen]
! The Texas Navy Association, Inc.
Tin Can Sailors The National Association of Destroyer Veterans
The Ton Class Association Royal Navy minsweepers/minehunters
! UDT-SEAL Association
USC Naval ROTC Alumni League
United States Naval Institute
United States Naval Sailing Association
U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association
U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
The United States Navy Shooting Team
U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Great Lakes Division
Naval Sea Cadet Corps Resources
U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation
! US Naval Radioman Association
USSVI - United States Submarine Veterans Inc
Vancouver Naval Veterans Association
Veteran's Association of the U.S.S. Iowa
! Washington Area Navy Supply Corps Association (WANSCA)
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