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Submarine Sites by Ship Name: As general rule, individual U.S. submarine sites are no longer listed in this section; for links to all U.S. submarine sites see Sid Harrison's Green Board; for early U.S. gasoline and diesel-electric boats, see Subnet's FLEET pages. Links to submarines maintained as museums can be found at Submarines on Public Display. We will only list sites for individual submarines that are not included in one of these resources.

All Hands April 1999 Submarineers: Sailors Unseen (Submarine Focus Issue)
Australian Submarine Heritage [The West Australian Maritime Museum Department of Maritime History/Site design: John Eade/Webmaster: Bob Richards]
Bottom Guns & Targets [Don Shelton]
British Submarines of World War Two Complete listing and histories of British Submarines in World War Two. Life at Sea, individual histories, theaters of operation, technical details, many photographs. [Geoff Chalcraft]
BritSub A Reference of British Submarines 1901 to the present day  [Dave Hallas]
The Bungo Straits Homepage WWII Submarine site; spectacular WWII advertising art images [Richard Windisch]
Canadian Submarine debate [The Defence Associations National Network]
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships [Naval Historical Center]
Dutch Submarines: The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy
The Goat Locker [Greg Peterman]
The Green Board: US Submarine Web Pages Comprehensive Listing of US Submarine Pages [Sid Harrison]
Hard Boat [Rig4Dive]
Historic Ship NAUTILUS home of the Submarine Force Museum
John Philip Holland and His Submarines Comprehensive site on the inventor of the modern submarine [Gary W. McCue] Submarine page Definitive submarine links page for mostly USN sources
Naval Submarine Base, New London
Naval Submarine League
Neal Stevens' Deep Domain
Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Page Huge collection of material [Ron Martini]
! Ron's Submarine Covers [Ronny Saxe]
Royal Navy Submarines RN subs with a focus on diesel boats. [[email protected]]
Royal Navy Submarine Museum
The S-Boats - Gallant Ladies of the Past  [Rich Tucker]
Scientific Bibliography on Human Powered Submarines
Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945 SS -- Submarines [Patrick Clancey]
The Silent Service [Frank L. Lamb]
The Silent Service Ring Submarine Webring
The Silver Dolphins Issue Discussion about the issue of awarding U.S. Navy Enlisted Silver Dolphins to "non-enlisted/non-ship's company" personnel [Sid Harrison]
Sommergibili Italian Submarines; also in Italiana [Lt Cdr Giampiero Ranieri]
Sturgeon's Submarine Journal
! The only online gallery dedicated to submarine art. [S Burbridge]
The Submarine Center [Wade Schmidt]
Submarine Development Squadron TWELVE COMSUBDEVRON 12
Submarine Lifeguard League Memorial Memorial for men and submarines involved in lifeguard operations and aviators they rescued
Submarine Links from C-Questor Submarine
Submarine Officer Online Network For active-duty U.S. Navy submarine officers
Submarine Page [Bruce Kackman]
Submariner's Association of Canada  [George Sullivan]
The Submariners Information Page [Sid Harrison]
Submarines of the Great War An account of the RN submarines C.1 and C.3 and the raid on Zeebrugge. [Russell White, grandson of the engineer of the C.1]
Submarines of the Royal Navy A list of every submarine ever commissioned into the Royal Navy with amplifying notes [John Holt]
Submarines on Public Display [Alex Sheft]
"Submarines, Secrets, and Spies" Companion site to NOVA episode broadcast on January 19, 1999
Submarine Veterans of World War II (unofficial) [Myron Howard]
Submarine Wive's Club
Subwar network home page
Through a Canadian Periscope Marketing the book by Julie Ferguson but site includes good online info as well [Julie Ferguson] History of the German WWII U-Boat U 35 and its crew [Hans U. Mair, a relative of U 35 Chief Engineer Gerhard Stamer]
U-Boat Archive U.S. combat incidents against U-Boats in WWII; all material drawn from the U.S. National Archives. [Captain Jerry Mason, USN]
USSVI - United States Submarine Veterans Inc
U.S. Submarine Force: The Silent Service [Rod Rodriguez]
USS Cheyenne (SSN 773)
USS Columbia (SSN 771)
USS Connecticut (SSN 22)
USS Greeneville (SSN 772)
USS Guardfish SSN-612 Homeport Crew member's forum [Charles Pilcher]
USS Hampton (SSN 767)
USS Hartford (SSN 768)
USS John Marshall SSBN611/SSN611 [Mike Estevez]
USS Patrick Henry SSBN-599 [Ron Martini]
USS Seadragon (SS-194) [Robert V. Scheide]
USS Seawolf (SSN 21)  [Popular Mechanics article]
USS Toledo (SSN 769)
USS Tucson (SSN 770)
USS Reactivity (not a real sub name) A site about The Nuclear Navy [Jason L. Stone] (U-Boats in WW II)
Worldwide Submarine Insignia [Steve Jones]
World Submarine Invitational
Yahoo USN Submarines
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