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Welcome to the Wardroom!

Web Wardroom Gouge: Still remember those plebe rates, huh?

This is a private place for alumni to discuss and hang out. Alumni contributions intended just for other alumni, including information from the Over the Wall BBS, will be linked in to the Wardroom. Also, you may want to see Alumni Association News, as well as the class and chapter pages.

If you have never been here before please muster. (Unfortunately the mustereing-in page is closed for repairs...see below for details) You may want to see who has mustered in so far. Once we have it working again, please make any changes or updates to the muster list and check the info in your entry every once in a while to make sure it's still accurate. If you do place a new entry on the muster list, and you do not have a Web page, delete the "http://" and enter "mailto:YOUR_USERNAME@YOUR_EMAIL_SITE" (obviously, substituting your user name and email site) with no spaces and proper upper and lower casing. Also, please update or change your comments as the mood strikes. Thanks !

By the way, we are updating the data base and rewriting the basic program, which is why it is closed for new musters and updates; we hope to have it up & running very soon now.

Current Mids: Please have some consideration for all us old pharts and wait until at least the day after you graduate (or leave the Brigade for other reasons) before you muster in! Thanks!

Alumni Quote of the Week

So far, this is my story and I'm sticking to it: A man who allows the mere presence of a woman to interfere with his career needs a new career anyway. He does not need to be in charge of weapons or other people. Since women aren't going away, male AND female officers (and crew) have to get on with the same jobs that only men were doing before. --George Station '77


contains just what it says: scuttlebutt. This is where the hot skinny and the true gouge goes. It's probably what you want to turn to first! What's here now (mostly old data...PLEASE submit new stuff): TATTOOS!; the straight word on the death of Navy fencing; the resignation of Alumni Association CEO Ron Brandquist and subsequent replacement by RADM Marryott; the resignation of the Alumni Association Director of Alumni Services; the Superintendent versus the Baltimore Sun; and the famous Professor James Barry article and replies. Check out the Brigade Rumor Control (apparently the closest thing WE'LL see to the Log for a while!).

Admiral Larson's Letter to the Editor of the Baltimore Sun has moved to Scuttlebutt.

usna-alumni Mailing List!: We now have a mailing list (as any of you who have mustered in early have discovered). We will have a form here to subscribe at the same time we get the new muster list done; in fact, it may be just a matter of checking a block to subscribe (We hope...) We have a page with instructions on how to post...
A PLEA from the Editor:

Updated 7/17/98. No Alumni Association money is used for Homeport; every penny (including paying someone to write and maintain the Muster List scripts) has come out of MY pocket. I have had many kind offers of financial support which I have continued to decline for tax liability reasons.

I have really great ideas and goals for this Web site:

  • scripts to break out the muster lists by class (coming real soon!),
  • a full-service employment section (which Carl Westfall '74 started...),
  • and possibly even e-mail forwarding for alumni (which could give each of us a permanent e-mail address through all our various and sundry job and location changes; if you haven't yet realized how critical this will become in the future, you will!)

Some we have actually achieved:

  • our own Internet domain,, (and here we are!)

I have discovered that I can't do them all without money. I have discussed the organization of a non-profit and have already assembled a Board of Directors. I do not want to be a 501-c-3. So while we will be non-profit, donations will not be tax deductible, as we are not willing to accept the restrictions on political activity that the Alumni Association labors under. I still would appreciate some pro-bono legal assistance as I do not have the money to pay to incorporate this organization. A major goal is to have open, on-line books to account for all income and expenditures on a real-time basis so you all know where the money goes. I do not want or desire any compensation myself but I find that all I want to do will stretch my resources beyond my ability to pay for all this myself. I don't want to take your money until I can assure you of full accountability. Once I have a structure in place to handle it, I would then welcome any donations to help fulfill these dreams. And then I think we can make this really fly.

Very respectfully, Ray Trygstad '77
Editor-in-Chief, Homeport: the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Online Community

Some Not-So-Light Reading: Robert Timberg '64 has written a complex book about John McCain, John Poindexter, Bud McFarlane, Jim Webb, and Oliver North; Vietnam; Iran-Contra; USNA and much more. Chapter 1 of The Nightingale's Song is available on the Web from C-SPAN's Booknotes. (We're not responsible for the incredibly poor job of scanning in this text, and we're sure Bob Timberg is not either!)
Sir, the Menu for Evening Meal Is: It just wouldn't be a Wardroom without some chow, so here's the recipe for genuine USNA Wardroom (aka King Hall to you younger grads...) Cannonballs with Hard Sauce (looove that hard sauce!).
A bludgeon: If you were "thinking" about putting up a Web page, DO IT! Then let us know!
Attention All You AOL'ers! You can now do Web pages on AOL! Try "my place" as a key word and go for it!
Searching for Alumni: We occassionally receive inquiries from the public seeking Alumni; full details including email addresses may be found on the Alumni Search Page.

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