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at Annapolis, Maryland.

New! We have resurrected Bancroft Echoes, a public form for USNA Alumni, at Check there for the latest alumni thoughts, opinions, observations and links to breaking news.

Folks want to know why there is a site like Homeport for USNA Alumni when the Alumni Association has a perfectly good web site. Good question! Here are the reasons:

  • We don't want your money.
  • We actually care about what alumni think.
  • We try really hard not to judge folks.
  • We don't want your money.
  • We actually listen to what alumni think.
  • And, oh yeah...did we mention that we don't want your money?

Homeport lost our server a while back, and as part of our "slow recovery" process, we now have several areas operational; Links in the Chain: Alumni on the Web, Scuttlebutt: USNA Urban Legends, Sailing Directions: USNA on the Web, the Alumni-only section we call the Web Wardroom, the popular Message to Garcia; and an inspirational article by alum Charlie Plumb '64, “Packing Parachutes”. Recently restored: “Not Politically Correct”, featuring the Log Playboy parody! Also, please visit Homeport's other project, the Naval & Maritime page of the World Wide Web Virtual Library, at

For information on any graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, please see their class page at the Alumni Association Website. To find the class of an alumni, use the Association's alumni lookup .

If you are concerned about the direction of the Naval Academy and the continuing autocratic attitude of the Naval Academy Alumni Association, you should see the United States Naval Academy Concerned Alumni page.

The usna-alumni ('snoopy') mailing list is temporarily out of service; when it is restored, please see the mailing list page at

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September 11, 2001 USNA Alumni Lost: In Memoriam

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