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Academy Leadership Leadership consulting/training firm using leadership principles taught and practiced at West Point and the Naval Academy Free email forwarding at and many variations [] Free email forwarding at and many variations []
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The Log Online (unofficial version of USNA humor magazine)
Trident (USNA/NavSta Annapolis Base Newspaper)
Trident Archives
Shipmate Alumni magazine
Annapolis Farewell (1935)
Annapolis Story, An (1955)
Navy Blue and Gold (1937)
Salute (1929)
Navy Sports Center the Official Web Site of Naval Academy Athletics
Midshipmen Sports
Washington Post Navy Sports
Capital Online USNA Sports
USA Today Navy Football
ICSA Team Information: USNA []
"Navy anchors a way of thinking about sportsmanship issues" by Kay Hawes [NCAA News]
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium [Ballparks by by Munsey & Suppes]
Navy Mental Training Clinic [USNA Athletic Association]
Navy Rowing Camp For Boys [USNA Athletic Association]
Navy Rowing Camp For Girls
NCAA Recruiting Rules For Alumni, Friends, Faculty/Staff of the Naval Academy [USNA Athletic Association]
United States Naval Academy Golf Club []
Articles, Papers, Essays & Speeches about the Naval Academy
"The Academy Could Learn a Thing or Two from the Ivies" by Steve Cohen in US Naval Institute Proceedings [USNI]
"Assessing Leadership at the Naval Academy with a Biographical Inventory" by Lawrence J. Stricker and Donald A. Rock of the Educational Testing Service [International Military Testing Association]
"The Boat School Boys (The Current Effort to Compromise Naval Academy Standards)" by Dr. Gerald Atkinson ('55)
"A Discussion of the Naval Academy Mission" by By John H. Cook, III '57 and David A. Smith '57
"Edge: Can you handle it - Oh-5:30 wakeup, chow calls at Navy" by Ryan Hastings '01 in The Daily Herald, Everett, WA
"Ethics Professor Helps Future Naval Officers Prepare for Tough Situations" by Bryan Woolley, Knight-Ridder Newspapers
"Is the Naval Academy Off Course?" by John Meroney [The American Enterprise]
"Meet America's Best Business Schools" by Robert Sterling [The American Enterprise]
"Mission: Commission" (Women at the Service Academies) by Jonathan Potts [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
"Moral Courage" Speech to the USNA Class of 2002 3 August 1998 by Gen. Charles Krulak '64 [USMC]
"Restoring the Luster" Speech to the USNA Alumni Association, Greater Washington Chapter 21 April 1999 by Gen. Charles Krulak '64 [USMC]
"The Naval Academy's Music Man" (about Dr. John Barry Talley, USNA Director of Music) by Mavis Clark [Oberlin Alumni Magazine]
"Naval Academy “Urban Legends”" [Homeport: The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Online Community]
New Totalitarians a web site of opinion by Gerald Atkinson '55 & Mark Hill '44
"Nonstop Sweat - U.S.Naval Academy" Plebe summer in photos by Pete Souza [JournalE]
"United States Naval Academy" [Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia]
"United States Naval Academy" [®]
"The U.S. Naval Academy--How It Came to Be What It Is Today and How to Fix It" by David A. Smith '57
"Why Plebe Indoctrination Is More Important Now Than Ever" by David A. Smith '57
Documents about the Naval Academy
Records of the United States Naval Academy [USNA] Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States; records of the United States Naval Academy [USNA] (Record Group 405) 1836-1991 [National Archives and Records Administration]
"The United States Naval Academy Archives" by Gary A. LaValley, USNA Archivist [National Archives and Records Administration]
Social Security Handbook, Section 955. (USNA Service)
10 U.S. Code Sec 23 Chapter 603 Federal Law governing the Naval Academy
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Miscellaneous USNA Links
Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS)
Princeton Review: U. S. Naval Academy
U. S. News .edu: United States Naval Academy
U. S. Naval Academy Sailing Squadron
USNA Images from the Detroit Publishing Company Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress
Service Academy Golf Classic
USNA Dahlgren Hall (yes, Dahlgren Hall has its own Web site...)
USS X 1, the U.S. Navy's only midget submarine
Hometown Annapolis: The United States Naval Academy
United States Naval Academy Free E-mail Forwarding and URL ... Free email forwarding and URL redirecting addresses for midshipmen, friends, family, and alumni of the United States Naval Academy
USNA Photos from the CHINFO Web site
West Point Society of Annapolis (huh?)
USNA from the Anne Arundel County & Annapolis City Guide
Nautical Research Guild Maritime Institution Survey: US NAVAL ACADEMY
Tecumseh's Homepage!!!
Four Years by the Bay [Annapolis Landmarks Online]
U.S. Naval Academy (For Kids) [Washington Post]
USNA Tickets
Google Web Directory > Reference > Education > Colleges and Universities > North America > United States > Maryland > US Naval Academy [Google]
Flag House Inn Annapolis Inn; run by parents of '99 grad
ONR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: United States Naval Academy (USNA)
ADg Muscles Up with USNA
Inside Annapolis Magazine - USNA Museum
USNA pics
USNA 150th Anniv. Stamp
International Naval/Maritime Academies
Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Martime Transport - College of Maritime Transport & Technology Alexandria, Egypt
Armada de Chile Escuela Naval (Naval Academy)
Australian Defense Force Academy (Tri-service)
Australian Maritime College
Canadian Coast Guard College
Colégio Naval do Brasil
Dalian Maritime University Dalian, China (in Chinese; also in English)
Egyptian Naval Academy (official)
The French Naval Academy and the group of school of Lanvéoc-Poulmic
Escola Naval (Portugese Naval Academy)
! Indian Maritime College
Italy Naval Academy -Leghorn-
Italian Naval Academy (in Italian)
Photos from the Italian Naval Academy in Livorno (nice pictures!)
Jimei Navigation College Xiamen,Fujian Province, China (in Chinese)
Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine Royal Naval College, Netherlands (in Dutch)
The Philippine Military Academy Tri-service (unofficial)
Marine Institute (Newfoundland, Canada)
aritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz, Terschelling, Netherlands (in Dutch)
Pointe-à-Carcy Naval Academy Quebec City, Quebec (Just a picture; if anyone has more information on this, please contact me)
Rijeka College of Maritime Studies, Rijeka, Croatia
Nicola Vaptsarov Naval Academy Bulgarian National Naval and Maritime Academy
Royal Danish Naval Academy - Søværnets Officersskole (unofficial)
Royal Danish Naval Academy
Royal Military Academy of Belgium Tri-service
Royal Military College of Canada Tri-service (Yes, I know they've only got one service)
Shanghai Maritime University Shanghai, China (in Chinese)
South African Military Academy Tri-service.
Turkish Naval Academy  also in Turkish
Maritime Schools
U.S. Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp Units
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