Naval and Maritime
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Naval and Maritime: SEALs and Naval Commandos
! CyberSEALS  [Automated Data Services]
Do you have what it takes?  (to become a US Navy SEAL) (gone 6/29/99)
Essays by Sam Orr several on SEAL topics [Brad Orr]
Except From The Commandos by Douglas C. Waller as in 1/10/94 Newsweek BUDS training (gone 6/29/99)
Families of UDT/SEALS  [Kimberly Stewart]
Links to U.S. Navy Special Warfare Sites (gone 6/29/99)
LOTI Group's Navy SEAL Team website [Brian Curle]
Lt. Herbert M. Ruth, Sr. - UDT/SEAL A very well done memorial page [Kerry L. Ruth]
Mike's US Navy SEAL Page [Mike Swick] (Gone 6/5/00)
! Naval Special Warfare Archives   [Robert D. Russell? (unconfirmed)]
Navy Seal Merchandise BULLSHIRT’S online shopping site [Dona Frese? (unconfirmed)]
The Navy SEALs Very nice site done by college student [Matthew Basta] (Gone 6/5/00) [WebWarrior Productions]
NAVY SEALs ONLY! WARNING! WANNABEs STAY OUT!! [Erasmo Rioja] (gone 6/29/99)
Russell Irby's UDT Homepage [Russell Irby]
! The Seal Store  (formerly home of CUTTING EDGE FITNESS: Navy SEAL Exercises (gone 6/29/99))
SEALs webring
The Teams: US Navy SEALS [Kent Dillingham]
UDT/SEAL Unauthorized [maintainer not identified; will be dropped next update]
U.S. Navy SEAL  [Jim Lampman]
US Navy SEALs [Jonathan Granrose] (gone 6/29/99)
US Navy SEALs [Michael Bailey]
US Navy SEALs Listing of books on SEALS [Lancer Militaria]
U.S. Navy Special Warfare (SEAL team page is MIA 6/29/99) [Janq Designs/Hank Akins]
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