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The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Naval and Maritime: Piracy
! A to Z Kids Stuff: Pirates (K-6 activities) [A to Z Kids Stuff]
Beej's Pirate Image Archive [Brian "Beej" Hall]
Blackbeard! [Ocracoke Island Coastal Guide]
The Buccaneer Trading Company - the First and Only website dedicated to Pirate books and artifacts
Canadian Maritime Law Association
The Canadian Privateer Homepage [Dan Conlin]
Captain Morgan's Journal bibiliographies and links [Max Fellwalker]
! Defiant Women: Pirates [Cath Reese]
La Encyclopirate au Francaise [Roger Cantin]  Archived 
Expedition Whydah site devoted to the pirate shipwreck Whydah--the only documented pirate wreck ever discovered
Famous Pirates [Hopkins Press for North Coast Boat Sales]  Archived 
"The fight against Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships" International Maritime Organization article [United Nations]   Archived 
Fordham International Law Journal has good Admiralty Law section
! Historical Female Pirates [Katy Berry]
Institute of Maritime Law University of Southampton England 
International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Services International Maritime Bureau (IMB)
International Maritime Bureau Piracy Center 
International Maritime Bureau Piracy Center Weekly Piracy Report 
Isle of Tortuga [M. Bruyneel] (reported as gone 4/6/01 but now back!)
L'ESPRIT DES PIRATES  au Francaise [Olivier Kalina] (gone 4/6/01)
! La. Challenge Activities for the K-12 Classroom: Pirates [Patricia Elkins]
! Legends - Pirates & Privateers [Paula Katherine Marmor]
Maritime Security & Counter-Piracy Operations Center Commercial maritime security firm
! Modern Piracy [Mark Bruyneel]
The Most Noted Pirates, Buccaneers, Corsairs & Privateers [Richard Konkolski]
National Geographic Kids' Pirates!
The New England Pirate Museum
No Quarter Given (Pirate magazine)
Oceans & Law of the Sea UN department dealing directly maritime law and enforcement procedures.
"Phantom ships: piracy's newest twist in Asia" from Marinewatch a quarterly journal edited by John Grissim (gone 4/6/01)
The Pirate Webring Pirates (Links page) [Philip R. "Pib" Burns]
Pirates! [ThinkQuest team number 16438]
Pirates [Glenda Crew]
Pirates [Kaji] (gone 4/6/01)
Pirates [Atocha Treasure Company]
Pirates! au Francaise [J.M.G. Le Cl�zio]  Archived 
Pirates & Privateers [Dueling Modems' BBS]
Pirate's Cove [Robert "Pirate King" Ossian]
Pirates: Fact or Fiction [University of Texas class project by Jennifer Wiley] (gone 4/6/01)
! Pirates Homepage [Rochedale State School/Glenda Crew]
The Pirate's Library Bibligraphy on historical piracy [Fern Canyon Press]
! Pirates of the Bahamas [Interknowledge Corp.]
Pirates Of The Bahamas an Official Site of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism   Archived 
! Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact & Fiction [Walter Tobias Gibson]
! Pirates of Nassau [Pirates of Nassau Museum]
The Pirates of Penzance Homepage [Jim Farron, Archive Curator, Gilbert & Sullivan Archive]
The Pirates of Penzance Clip Art Catalog.
! Pirates of the span class="archived"ish Main (game) [WizKids, Inc.]
Pirates of the span class="archived"ish Main [Advanced Image]
! Pirates of the Whydah [National Geographic]
! Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers Theme Page (Links page) [Community Learning Network/Open School BC]
! Pirates Week Festival (National Festival of the Cayman Islands) [Pirates Week Administration]
Queen Anne's Revenge North Carolina project to protect, document, recover, and interpret the shipwreck of the flagship of Blackbeard the pirate
Quest for a Pirate Web site created in conjunction with Edinburgh (Scotland) City Arts Centre Pirates' Exhibition   Archived 
Scurvey Dogs [D. Vokey]
! Suite Pirates & Privateers [Cindy Vallar]
! Thistles & Pirates: Pirates & Privateers - The History of Maritime Piracy [Cindy Vallar, Editor & Reviewer]
University of Houston Law Center (Admiralty collection)
Vantage Systems Inc. World Piracy Index
Web Index of Piracy
When Blackbeard Scourged the Seas [Colonial Williamsburg]   Archived 
! Wikipedia: Pirates [Wikipedia]
The Worldpaper Online Online Asian regional papers which frequently touch on the topic of piracy
"Sea Wolves Feasting" by John Grissim   Archived 
"Sea Wolves Feasting: The Highjacking of the Anna Sierra"   Archived 
! Yacht Piracy [Klaus Hympendahl]
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