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The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Naval and Maritime: Marine Corps
2nd Battalion-9th Marine Network  [Richard "Red" Hill]
2ndBn, 7thMar - Vietnam Era  [Ed Morley]
3rd Battalion, 27th Marines, Vietnam [Robert Simonsen/Andrew Boyko]
7th Engineer Battalion - Viet Nam [Doug McMackin]
81mm Mortars 3rd. Bn. 1st Marines WWII-China---1941-1947 [George Peto]
Art's Iwo Jima Web Site  [Art R.]
Brotherhood of the 26th Marines [Tom Tanney]
Dan Marsh's Marine Raider Page [Dan Marsh]
Force Recon [Timothy Litzenburg]
French Marine Corps  (unofficial; also in French.)
Gunny G's Marines~WebSites [Dick G]  
HMM-362 The Ugly Angels
Infantería de Marina (Spanish Marine Corps; unofficial; also in Spanish)
Korps Mariniers (Royal Netherlands Marines) [Joop Buitenhuis]
A Marine's Home Page (not there 9/9/99)
! Marine Corps Family Network A comprehensive site for the support and information of all aspects of the Marine Corps family [Kelly Farmer]
Marine Corps Links (from [Cpl Moore]
Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (not there 9/9/99)
Marine Forces Reserve [USMC]
Marine Guest Book (from [Cpl Moore]
Marine Corps Locations Around the World (Marine Web Sites) [USMC]
MARINES Magazine Online [USMC]
Marine One Marine Recruiting site [USMC]
Marine Times  [Army Times Publishing Co.]
MCRD Parris Island It's a .com site but it's official [USMC]
My Virtual Reference Desk - Marine Corps on the Internet [Bob Drudge]
Gallant Warriors From the Sea The Philippine Marine Corps
Philippine Marine Photos
Royal Marines official; UK [Royal Navy]
Royal Marines Reserve unofficial; UK [William Muirheid]
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps unoffical; also in Dutch  
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps: Korps Mariniers official; also in abbreviated form in English [Ministerie van Defensie Nederlands]
Semper Fi, Mac!  [Darry L. Deaton]
Sgt. Grit's Marine Specialities
Sterling Marines (gone 9/9/99)
USMC Recruiting Station, Chicago  (gone 9/9/99)
Vietnamese Marine Corps unofficial; in both English & Vietnamese
VMFA-531 Grey Ghosts  [Paul D. Hosick]
Grey Ghost Squadron of the Marine Corps Aviation Association  [Roy Gehris]
Marine Corps Associations
1812 Marines A volunteer reenactment unit affiliated with the USS Constitution Museum
The China Marine Association
The Chosin Few
The Force Recon Association
Headquarters Marine Corps Association  Serving past and present members of Headquarters Battalion(s) and the Marine Security Guard Battalion which was formerly "F" Co, Headquarters Battalion
The Leatherneck Pipe Band A bagpipe band composed entirely of former Marines
Marine Corps Association
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association
The Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Phoenix
Marine Corps Cryptologic Association (MCCA)
Marine Corps Family Network
The Marine Corps Historical Foundation
Marine Corps Intelligence Association, Inc.
Marine Corps League
National Headquarters
Bucktail Detachment #856
Big "D" Detachment Homepage
Columbia River Detachment #826
Department of Pennsylvania
Det 758
Detachment #184 St. Louis, Missouri
Emerald Coast Detachment #915
Eno River Detachment
General A.A. Vandegrift Detachment #068
Thomas Holcomb Detachment
Nevada Detachment #186
Greensburg (PA) Detachment #834
Law Enforcement Detachment
Merton R. Kemp Detachment
Naples Florida Detachment #063
Rough Rider Detachment MCL 435
San Francisco East Bay #919
Tamarac Detachment #755
! The Marine's Memorial Club/Hotel in San Francisco
Marine Corps Musician Association
Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Marine Corps Scout/Snipers
Marine Corps Tankers Association
Marine Corps University Foundation
Mojave Desert Marines Association
NYPD Marine Corps Association
OV-10 Bronco Association
Presidential Service Association
! The Royal Marines Association City of London
! The Royal Marines Association East Lanc's
! The Royal Marines Association Exeter Branch
! Royal Marines Association Exmouth Branch
! The Royal Marines Association of Ontario (Canada) [Norrie Millen]
! The Royal Marines Association Tyneside Branch Web page editor Brian Easton
! The Royal Marines Association Welwyn Garden City Branch
The Semper Fidelis Society at the University of Maryland at College Park
Stockton Marine Corps Club
U.S. Marine Cadet Corps
USMC Combat Correspondents Association
USMC Drum & Bugle Corps
! USMC Heritage 2000 Foundation  [FJA Solutions, Inc]
USMC Historical Company World War II Reenactment unit
USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association
USS Constitution Detachment -- The Oldest Detachment in the Corps
Women Marines Association
Yahoo! Marine Clubs Online bulletin boards from Yahoo
Young Marines (Marine Corps League)
Young Marines Chapters Links
Website for Young Marines Unofficial but comprehensive; a great site [B.J. Chadduck. GySgt (Ret)]
Marine Division/Regiment/Battalion Associations
First Marine Division Association
Los Angeles Chapter
Bodfish Chapter
Desert Cities/Mitch Paige, Medal of Honor Chapter
Second Marine Division Association
Third Marine Division Association
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Association
Third Battalion Third Marines Veterans Association (Vietnam) 1961-1971
Fourth Marines
First Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Second Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Third Battalion Fourth Marines Association
Twenty-Second Marines Association 
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