Naval and Maritime
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Naval and Maritime: International Naval Forces (Unofficial)
The unofficial site (in english) of the Armada Argentina  [Santiago Aversa]
Museo de la Aviación Naval de la Armada Argentina [¡Ahijuna!]
Aviones Argentionos Argentine aircraft photos  [Eduardo E. Marber]
Armada Española (Also in English)
La Armada Española [Íñigo Puente]
Armada de Venezuela (dead 5/31/00)
The Australian Naval & Nautical Site (dead 5/31/00)
Royal Australian Navy Net (formerly Bob York's R.A.N. Net Web Site) [Bob York]
Brazilian Navy's Special Operation's Teams home page
Canadian Coast Guard
Canadian Coast Guard Rescue, Safety and Environmental Response Directorate
Ready Aye Ready: Royal Canadian Navy [Sandy McClearn]
Ready Aye Ready: Canadian Navy Page [Peter Wilson]
Museo Naval y Marítimo Armada de Chile (Also in English, French, and German)
Chinese Navy Homepage
The Finnish Navy (dead 5/31/00)
Finnish Naval Ranks (dead 5/31/00)
Contemporary Finnish Navy Ranks  [Pekka deGroot]
French fleet air arm (also in French) [Damian Allard]
French Marine Corps  (English; also in French.)
German Navy Home Page (dead 5/31/00)
Fly Navy: Die deutschen Marineflieger (German Naval Aviation)
Hellenic Navy (Greece)
Indian Navy
The Indian Defence Forces : NAVY
! The Indonesian Navy
The Israeli Navy (dead 5/31/00)
Sito Non Ufficiale della Marina Militare Italiana  (in English, too) [Claudio Cappello Mambelli]
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (dead 5/31/00) [National Defense Academy]
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force [Francisco José Díaz Díaz and Luis Alberto Gómez Muñoz. Leon. Spain]
Military Parade The magazine of the Russian Defense Industry
Netherlands Sea Cadet Corps
Pakistan Maritime Museum  [Genesis Real Time]
The Pakistani Navy  [PakMilitary]
Pakistan Navy [S. Ansari]
Pakistan Navy  [Syed Ahmad]
Pakistan Naval Defence Show [PACE (Private) Limited]
Indice de la Marina de Guerra del Perú
Polish Navy 1998
! Polish Navy Homepage [Andrzej Bartelski]
Royal Marines Reserve (UK)
Royal Navy [Frank Dunn]
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
The Royal Norwegian Navy
Royal Swedish Navy
Russian Navy
The State of the Russian Navy [Robin Lee]
Russian Navy Photos [Vladimir Kopylov]
Russian Navy 300th Anniversary Page  [RUSnet]
South African Navy Page (dead 5/31/00)
Spanish Navy
The Spanish Submarine Navy History Spanish Submarines since 1888 (Also in Spanish[Jorge Bañón Verdú]
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