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Featured Site: NOSI - Naval Open Source Intelligence is a digital library of world naval operational news curated from open source intelligence by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. It is updated daily and provides members with an email bulletin. Clean, simple, timely and selective in content. New URL as of 5/21/02: Bravo Zulu, Michael D'Alessandro!

General Naval & Maritime
Aerials Only Inc. Aerial Photo Gallery of Tall Ships
International Marine Signal Flags (gone 6/23/00)
John's Nautical Literature Page [John Kohnen]
Maritime History and Naval Heritage Web Site
National Academy Press: Marine and Maritime Studies
A Tribute to Winslow Homer [Mark Lacas]
The American Flagship
Army Ships -- The Ghost Fleet All about the Army's Navy [Ramon G. Jackson]
Belfast Lough Shipping An observers logbook of commercial shipping traffic observed in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland [Ray Burrows]
Bennie's Merchant Marine Pages A disorganized and unattractive but very comprehensive site [The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel]
Martin's Marine Engineering Page Website for students, professionals and the general public interested in marine engineering and ships [Martin Leduc]
Great Lakes Shipping
John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page [John Kohnen]
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (U.S.)
The Maritime Administration (U.S.) Primarily information about Nigerian shipping and martime industry
The Maritime Page from Hoffman Services
The Resource for Maritime Law
The Seaports Infopages
Corpsman Up! U.S. Navy Hospital Corps [Scott L. Kahler]
Imperium Neptuni Regis Dedicated to preserving the histories and traditions of The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of The Deep: in an ancient ritual, when a ship crosses the Equator the crew goes before King Neptune and are initiated into the Order as Trusty Shellbacks. [Lawrence Brown]
Lerman's World Tour *AKA Navy Lifer Page* [Phil Toth aka Lerman]
Manny's Seabee Home Page [Manny Resendes]
MRupprecht's U.S. Navy Home Page (US Navy OOB) [Michael C. Rupprecht] (gone 9/13/01)
Military Service of  Allan B. Rankin (gone 6/23/00)
Naval Cryptology [Brian L. Carlson]
! Wide range of US Navy related information; the largest European US Navy website [Thoralf Doehring]
NOSI - Naval Open Source Intelligence A digital library of world naval operational news curated from open source intelligence sources. [Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.]
Online Bibliography of Military Leadership [David D. Van Fleet]
Task Force 100  (Radio Controlled Model Ships)
The Chain Locker (UK Coast Guard) [Steve Monks BSc(Hons)]
The Chain Locker (U.S. Viet-Nam Vets)
U.S. Navy Advancement Study Guide & Bupers Update [Tony]
US Navy Armed Guard WWII Veterans (armedguard) [Tom Bowerman]
U.S. Navy-Marine Corps MARS Telecommunications System National Home Page
Welcome Aboard Boatswain's Mates! The Navy career of Vealis Vermillion [Vealis Vermillion/Tahtonka]
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