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Naval Aviation Associations
Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association  [George M. Dougan]
Association of Aviation Ordnancemen
! Association of Naval Aviation
Association of Naval Aviation: Central Florida Squadron
! Association of Naval Aviation: The French Crusaders (Antibes, France)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Golden Pelican Squadron (Sarasota, Florida)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Grampaw Pettibone Squadron (Orange County, California)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Hampton Roads Squadron (Virginia)
! Association of Naval Aviation: McCampbell's Aces Squadron (Palm Beach, Florida)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Pitcairn Squadron (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Sandgroper Squadron (Perth, Western Australia)
! Association of Naval Aviation: Whidby Island (Whidby Island, Washington)
Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association
Blue Angels Alumni Association
Fleet AW Association [David DeVarney]
! Fleet Air Arm Armourers' Association (U.K.) [Webmaster Brian Gleeson]
! Fleet Air Arm Association (U.K.) [Scott Spencer]
! Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Association (U.K.)
! Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association (U.K.)
International PB4Y Association   [Ronald R. Sathre]
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Naval Airship Association
! Navy Carrier Society [Flying model aircraft society dedicated to control line Navy Carrier operations]
! Navy Helicopter Alumni Association  [Don Bellemare/Virtual Interactive Center]
Naval Helicopter Association
Navy Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Association
Navy Carrier Society
Royal Australian Navy Gliding Association
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Sport Parachute Association (missing 6/18/99)
The Skyhawk Association
Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons
Tacamo Survivors
Tailhook Association Home Page
Carriers (In order by Hull Number)
Featured Site: Created by the son of a WW II crew member, USS Enterprise CV-6 is meticulously documented and beautifully designed; it is the the absolute best “non-official” CV site on the Web and a great WW2 history resource. Bravo Zulu, Joel Shepherd!

Aircraft Carriers Study Group [Aircraft Carriers Study Group/Chuck Vore]
The Carrier Project [William Hughes]
The Light Carrier Historical Project [Richard Angelini]
USN Public Affairs Office: The Carriers
USS Saratoga Association (CV-3/CVA-60/CV-60) [Saratoga Association/J.D. Springer]
USS Yorktown (CV-5/CVS-10)  [Bill Jones]
USS Enterprise CV-6 Meticulously documented, beautifully designed; the absolute best “non-official” CV site on the Web and a great WW2 history resource [Joel Shepherd]
USS Yorktown CV-10:  Museum in Charleston, South Carolina
USS Intrepid (CV\CVA\CVS-11): U.S.S. Intrepid Association
USS Intrepid (CV\CVA\CVS-11):  Museum in New York City
USS Hornet CV-12, CVA-12, CVS-12: Museum in Alameda, California
USS Hornet CV-12, CVA-12, CVS-12: Dwayne Miles
USS Lexington CV-16: Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas
USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19)
USS Bennington (CV/CVA/CVS-20) [LP Whittaker Enterprises/L. P. Whittaker]
USS Boxer (CV\CVA\CVS-21) [Naval Historical Center]
USS Boxer Korean War Action Reports [Naval Historical Center]
USS Boxer Veterans Association [USS Boxer Veterans Association/Riley Morton]
USS Monterey CVL-26 [USS Monterey CVL26 Association/Richard Angelini]
USS Cabot CVL28 [USS Cabot Association/Richard Angelini]
USS San Jacinto CVL-30 [USS San Jacinto CVL-30 Association/Richard Angelini]
USS Saipan CVL48 [USS Saipan Association/Richard Angelini]
USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)
USS Midway (CV-41)-CVW/5 Homepage
USS Midway: Military Heritage Foundation (gone 6/5/99)
USS Midway: San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (gone 7/23/98)
Working to bring the USS MIDWAY to San Diego in 1999
USS Forrestal CV-59: USS Forrestal Naval Museum, Inc.
USS Saratoga Association (CV-3/CVA-60/CV-60)
USS Saratoga Museum Foundation, Inc. Quonset Point, Rhode Island
USS Ranger (CV\CVA-61) [Chuck Vore]
USS Ranger Museum Foundation [Shutterbug Design]
USS Ranger CV/A 61 [John Guy]
USS Independence (CV-62)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
USS Constellation (CV-64)
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
USS America CV-66
USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)
USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)
USS George Washington (CVN 73)
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75) Navy Public Affairs: CVN 75 Commisioning
USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75) Homepage
Aircrew Shop (VRC-50 Aircrewmen)
Antarctic Development Squadron Six VXE-6
! The Blue Angels
! Pacific Strike Fighter Community (14 VFA Squadrons)
Tomcat Strike Fighter Weapons School
! HC-3 Packrats
HC-4 Black Stallions
! HC-7 Sea Devils
! HC-11 Gunbearers
! HC-85
HCS-5 Firehawks
HM-12 Sea Dragons
HM-14 Vanguard
! HS-4 The Legendary Black Knights
! HS-11 Dragonslayers
! HSL-40 Airwolves
! HSL-43 Battle Cats
! HSL-44 Swamp Foxes
! HSL-46 Grandmasters
! HSL-48 Vipers
! HSL-49 Scorpions
! HSL-51 Warlords
! HSL-84 Thunderbolts
! HT-8 Eightballers
! HT-18 Vigilant Eagles
VA-145 ''Swordsmen''
VA-95 Green Lizard Page
! VAQ-129 Vikings
! VAQ-131 Lancers
! VAQ-133 Wizards
! VAQ-135 Black Ravens
! VAQ-137 Rooks
! VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets
! VAQ-139 Cougars
! VAQ-141 Shadowhawks
VAQ-209 ''Star Warriors''
! VAW-124 Bear Aces
VAW-126 ''Seahawks''
VC-27 Wildcats/Avengers Reunion
VC-6 Firebees
VF-14 Tophatters
VF-31 Tomcatters
VF-32 Swordsmen
VF-33 ''Tarsiers'' History Page
VF-84 ''Jolly Rogers'' Ready Room
VF-111 "Sun Downers"
VF-154 Black Knights
VFA-15 ''Valions''
VFA-81 ''Sunliners''
VFA-105 Gunslingers
VFA-106 Gladiators
! VFC-12 Fighting Omars
! VP-1 Screaming Eagles
! VP-9 Golden Eagles
VP-30 "PRO's NEST"
! VP-47 Golden Swordsmen
VP-66 ''Liberty Bells''
VP-91 ''Black Cats'' Home Page
! VQ-1
! VRC-30 Providers
VRC-50 Mark Felhofer's World Famous FOO DOG Web Page
! VS-31 Topcats
! VS-32 Maulers
! VS-41 Shamrocks
! VT-2 Doerbirds
! VT-3 Red Knights
! VT-4
! VT-6 Shooters
! VT-10 Wildcats
! VT-86
General Naval Aviation
A-3B Skywarrior
A-6E's Home Page -- Intruder Country
A-6 Country
Ace Calhoon's Naval Aviation Enthusiasts' Web Site (gone 7/22/98)
Airborne Early Warning - The Pacific Barrier
Approach Magazine (USN Aviation Safety)
AV-8B Harrier
The Blue Angels Clay Johnson
The Blue Angels Robert Sheffield
Carrier Air Wing ELEVEN (gone 7/22/98)
Carrier Aviation News
Carrier Life
Chris's Military Page!
The Cutting Edge
F-14 Digital Flight Control System WWW Page (gone 7/22/98)
Flight Quarters
The Grumman A-6 Intruder
The Hanger Deck
Hornet Ball (gone 7/22/98)
Jon's Rest Area
Journal of a Student Naval Aviator
Kaman's History of Rotary Wing Innovation
GLIB's P-3 ORION Page (gone 7/22/98)
The Gunfighter's Site (F-8)
MCAS - El Toro Air Show Web Site - Say "Goodbye" to the Nation's Largest Airshow!
NAS Sigonella NR 0573
National Museum of Naval Aviation
! Naval Aviation Units All US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard aircraft operating units, the corresponding aircraft, air stations, tail codes and links to official websites [Peter Grueschow]
NavalAir Online
The Official A-1 Skyraider Site
S-3B Viking Community
Scotty's Home Page for Aviation Nuts
Space-A with Navy VR Squadrons
Space Available Travel on Military Aircraft
Strike-Fighter Training Issues (gone 7/22/98)
T-45 Goshawk Training System (T45TS)
Tomcat's Lair (gone 7/22/98)
Tomcat Strike Fighter Weapons School
TOTAVIA / Adrian Cybriwsky Aviation Image Archives
The United States Navy's Aircraft Carriers
Tribute To The A-6 Intruder
United States Navy Patrol Squadron's HomePage
The Unofficial Medium Attack Weapons Detatchment Page
USN Blimps 1954 - 1956
U.S. Navy Fighters (Marine Fighters) Homepage (gone 7/22/98)
Vulture's Row Home Page
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