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This is the homepage
for Alumni of the

United States
Naval Academy

at Annapolis, Maryland.

   let Columbus' navigator,
the Last Supper mess
cook, Jonah's helmsman,
and Noah's boatswain pal-
pitate the periphery of
your subconscious with
these nuances from the
past. do you

  • Ring Dance in Dahlgren Hall.
  • APL-S.
  • Building 286
  • WBGT.
  • 20 cents for a pack of cigarettes.
  • Ship's log in the steerage,
  • waterskiing in the urinals.
  • shoving out and the Green Bench.
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • buying your own sheets.
  • marching to class.
  • Operation seabreeze.
  • delinquency code 352.
  • playing tennis by Stribling Walk.
  • gloves with buttons.
  • iceskating.
  • Philadelphia scrapple.
  • when there was no Ricketts Hall.
  • pool tables in Smoke Hall.
  • the South Stack Room.
  • Tecumseh with a beard.
  • Chinese Bandits.
  • a wooden Tecumseh.
  • when there was no circular walk.
  • brass cannons in Dahlgren Hall.
  • First Class Club.
  • blue cap covers.
  • old style Army B-robes.
  • manual toothbrushes.
  • Jimmy Lewis.
  • "Summer cruises .
  • "Dark Ages".
  • Herndon after Graduation.
  • "B" ;for bilgers.
  • First Class professional papers,
  • swimming to Baltimore.
  • blue and gold blankets.
  • Deputy Dods.
  • old decorations in the Mess Hall.
  • Prof. Langdon at pep rallies.
  • 700 GTO's in the yard.
  • wooden knockabouts.
  • rates for the Rec Room,
  • no credit cards.
  • $15 plebe paydays.
  • No More Rivers.
  • Vector Mechanics,
  • speech class in the summer.
  • no Isherwood Library.
  • the bell system in the Mess Hall.
  • Gate 2 open Saturday night.
  • old study tables in the library.
  • Why there is no excuse?
  • transoms over the doors.
  • seeing Roger Staubach in the hall.
  • "over the wall" for pep rallies.
  • youngster nights with the plebes.
  • seaplanes across the river.
  • Firsty-Plebe system.
  • no Midshipman Ensigns.
  • tightly rolled neckerchiefs.
  • RHIP.
  • Uncle Charlie.
  • God of 2.5.
  • God of 2.0.
  • Thompson Stadium.
  • the A-4 in Tecumseh Court.
  • shovelling snow.
  • 24 companies in the Brigade.
  • the Virgin Cannons firing.
  • the night the steam pipes blew up,
  • dead horse.
  • second set pro lectures.
  • shoulder boards with crows.
  • A & B week classes.Jones' Walk.
  • Why did you guess?
  • Goo.
  • unlined reefers.
  • the Navy 10.
  • stencilled names on the front of white works.
  • The Worm.
  • a dog named Alice.
  • real spontaneous pep rallies.
  • no dragging to Chapel.
  • no leggings at spring p-rades.
  • Matt the Hat,
  • REMEMBER and Fishman.
  • mail delivered to room.
  • Graduation in the Field House.
  • Joe Bellino.
  • the Annapolis Sailors.
  • What's playing at the Star?
  • thermocouple.
  • the jukebox in the steerage.
  • the Colonial drive-in.
  • "The Splinter".
  • listening to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in the rain.
  • Maryland security watch
  • when MOD's couldn't smoke, study or sit while on watch.
  • The Foucault Pendulum in Sampson Hall.
  • hygiene and counter-insurgency lectures.
  • two days extended leave due to snow storm.
  • Harley steaks or steak a la P. Smith,
  • when there was no peanut butter,
  • shaking the chandelier in Mahan Hall.
  • when there was no Christmas Leave for plebes.'
  • staying in the same company for 4 years.
  • no meal tickets.
  • no civvies in lockers.
  • drinking in the hall.
  • Air-ocean Environment
  • Slide Rule and Trig plebe summer.
  • the Foreign Languages Building.
  • watching lax or soccer on Dewey Field.
  • blanket section at Popular Music Concerts.
  • 2/c studying in the shower.
  • the old system of laundry numbers.
  • running through the Mess Hall on Homecoming dinner night.
  • carrying football players to the buses.
  • going over to the Supe's House for pep rallies
  • 2200 taps and 2300 late lights for plebes.
  • warming the stools at reveille.
  • throwing Woops in the shower.
  • soap tests.
  • getting shots with a needle.
  • E.D. in the basement showers.
  • no fluoride treatments.
  • muster boards every formation.
  • the Maryland Avenue trench.
  • painting the smokestack.
  • chemistry labs in Maury Hall.
  • when Corfam shoes were reg.
  • costumes at pep rallies.
  • Joe the carpenter.
  • the piranha in the steerage.
  • ivy on Bancroft Hall.
  • What's in a cruise box?
  • Sampson lecture
  • Prof. Smedley.
  • When there were no PMW's and no Forms 3.
  • getting back folded laundry, pressed skivvies.
  • 1/c Army-Air Force commissioning option.
  • drinking water from the Rook's Monument.
  • the Mystery Meat Picket in the Mess Hall.
  • First Class dragging to poetry lectures.
  • class rates on certain walks in the Yard.
  • blue bedspreads with an anchor and a circle.
  • the little old MacDonough Hall seamstress.
  • two basement entrances to the Mid Store.
  • green paint on the cars at Hospital Point.
  • touch football between the 7th and 8th wings.
  • 3"/50 saluting guns next to the Mexican Monument.
  • President Kennedy's flag in the steerage.
  • the Pa Chooka Machine and the day it died.
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