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John McCain '58 has labeled the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon "an act of war". In this we believe he speaks for all alumni and indeed for all Americans. As alumni of the Naval Academy, we are here, we are ready and we will uphold our oaths. Please pray for those who have been killed and injured, and for their families, and for our nation.

In Memoriam: USNA Alumni Reported Lost in the September 11th Attack
Charles F. 'Chick' Burlingame, III, CAPT USNRR (Ret.), '71 Captain, American Airlines Flight 77
Wilson F. 'Buddy' Flagg, RADM USNR (Ret.), '61 Passenger, American Airlines Flight 77
John David Yamnicky, CAPT USN (Ret.), '52 Passenger, American Airlines Flight 77
  Kenneth E. Waldie '78 (Past President, USNA Class of '78) Passenger, American Airlines Flight 11  
Gerald Francis Deconto, CAPT USN, '79 Pentagon
Robert Edward Dolan, CDR USN, '81 Pentagon
William Howard Donovan Jr., CDR USN, '86 Pentagon
Patrick Dunn, CDR USN, '85 Pentagon
Jonas Martin Panik, LT USN, '97 Pentagon
Darin Howard Pontell, LTJG USN, '98 Pentagon
Ronald James Vauk, LCDR USNR, '87 Pentagon
Kevin Patrick Connors '69
World Trade Center
Kenneth Miles McBrayer '74
World Trade Center
Michael Gregory McGinty '81 World Trade Center
Please submit the names of any additional alumni lost, and help us to confirm those reported above, by email to [email protected]. These listings are being made in good faith based on input from fellow alumni and official sources, and we sincerely regret any reports of losses that may be in error. Please help us ensure this list is correct so that we can honor the memory of those who were lost.
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Memorial Page
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