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The Man Who Carried The Message to Garcia

COLONEL ANDREW ROWAN, who performed one of the celebrated feats in the history of the American Army...carrying the message to Garcia...died Jan. 10, 1943 at San Francisco. He was 85.

A Virginian who graduated from West Point in 1881, he executed minor military assignments in Central America, with the Army Information Bureau and as an attaché, and was still a lieutenant at the age of 41 when he became famous.

After his exploit...recognized some 20 years later by the award of the Distinguished Service Cross...he served in the Philippine campaigns, taught military science and tactics at Kansas State Agriculture College, and also served at Fort Riley, Kan., West Point, in Kentucky, and at American Lake, Washington. He was cited for gallantry in the Philippine action.

After his retirement from the Army, he spent the remainder of his life in San Francisco.

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