Bancroft Echoes

Editors's Note

By Ray Trygstad '77 (trygstad at trygstad dot org)
June 5, 2003

An online magazine of opinion and observations by United States Naval Academy Alumni

Bancroft Echoes is a publication of
Homeport: the United States Naval Academy Alumni Online Community

Bancroft Echoes was founded in 1996 with the following purpose and goals: To provide an online public forum for opinions and observations of alumni of the United States Naval Academy; to encourage public debate in a reasonable and logical manner; and to provide space and encourage responses by official representatives of any group or institution that is the subject of an alumni article/essay. The format of Bancroft Echoes was an online magazine, commonly known on the Internet as a 'zine. Bancroft Echoes had an Editorial Board made up of alumni, but before we ever got very far with it, I lost access to the server it was on. I still think there is a need for it, and I am resurrecting Bancroft Echoes and inviting alumni to be contributors to the publication. Throught the miracle of modern Web technology this will be in the format of a blog (Web log) that can be updated by any participating alumni, subject to editing and review by the editorial board. The editorial policy has been updated to reflect current realities, but otherwise what you see here is pretty much as it was in 1997; the pages were reclaimed through the good work of the Wayback Machine at the Web Archive Project ( and I am very grateful to them for preserving this little slice of Web history. As soon as we get more articles I will retire Andy Wehrle's article to the Archives. If you would like to contribute to Bancroft Echoes please see our Editorial Policy, and if you would like to be on our Editorial Board please let me know. I hope this will become a viable alternative forum, particularly for material that will never see the light of day in Shipmate or Proceedings. But only your participation will make it happen.

Opinions expressed in Bancroft Echoes are solely those of their respective authors and do not reflect the opinion of Homeport, the United States Navy, the United States Naval Academy, or the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association. See the Editorial Policy for submission information.