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    • Joe Kirby '90 / Joe_Kirby/[email protected]

      Formerly Carl Westfall '74

      It is with great sadness that Homeport reports the passing of our first staff member; Carl Westfall '74 died in his sleep on April 5. The cause of death was reported as natural causes. There was a vigil service on Thursday, April 11 in Oceanside, California, and the funeral service took place on Friday, April 12 at Our Lady of Fatima in San Clemente, California. Carl was working hard to make the Career Page of Homeport some thing that would be a source of both pride and jobs for all of us. He was willing to lend a hand in so many ways and has been a true friend to many of us, frequently just through online contact but a friend nevertheless, and we will miss him.

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I know that the active participation of this fine staff will make Homeport a far, far better place! My thanks and hats off to all of them for offering to spend their time and effort to better serve their fellow alumni.

--Ray Trygstad '77, Editor-in-Chief,
"Homeport: the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Online Community"
[email protected]

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