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So don't say we didn't warn you!

The Log Online

In the "old days" there was actually a humor magazine actively published at the Boat School. The Log is, alas, defunct, a victim of political correctness; it's almost impossible to be funny without offending someone these days, and the current crop of Mids haven't been able to break the code on how to do it (not that we ever could either...).

We hope to feature some of the best of the Log from years gone by here at Homeport. If you have a favorite Log  article or feature that you would like to see online, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. By the way, if you're not an alumn, a great deal of the humor in the Log will unfortunately go right by you. Sorry 'bout that.


The 18 April 1969 Log is one of those things that just could never be done except at that exact moment in time. The editors of the Log decided that the other popular magazine on campus (there was some question as to which was really more popular) was such a success that maybe they should emulate it. That magazine was (no small surprise here): Playboy. This entire Log issue was modeled after Playboy in a remarkably professional manner. As we have time to get more of this gem into electronic format, we will post it here; what we have right now is:
  • The Cover! (Marja LaPorte, Cover Girl)
  • Late Lights (Taking the place of Salty Sam for just this issue...)
  • Remember? (A nostalgic look at the way things "used to be...")

Certainly more will come; check back now and then!

The 1964 Ice Capades' Petty Girl

The 1964 Ice Capades featured a "Salute to Annapolis" centerpiece production number with the chorus line  (christened "the Annapolettes" for this number, if I recall correctly) done up in psuedo-midshipmen costumes. What really set this program apart, though, was the remarkable cover illustration by noted pin-up artist George Petty. In the days before he was superseded by Alberto Vargas, "The Petty Girl" was one of the most eagerly awaited features of Esquire Magazine. While many earlier illustrators (notably Chandler and Christie) had featured young women in Midshipman garb, this is (as far as I know) the only illustration like this dating from this later era. If you click on the thumbnail at right, you can see a full-size version of Petty's Annapolette.
Editor's Note:
The existance of this particular piece of illustration is a historical fact; it in no way reflects on today's women midshipmen, as there was no such thing in those days, nor was the idea even really conceivable.

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