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It is our intent to eventually break this page out to "Business", "Official", and "Personal" homepages, but that may not happen for a while yet. Meanwhile, here are all the links to alumni that have been submitted or we have been able to find through extensive late-night sessions on Lycos, the Webcrawler, and other Web indexing tools...

Notes: Alumni without a class number are non-graduates; alumni with ?? for a class do not have their class indicated on their homepage; alumni with military rank indicated are active duty: reserve and retired ranks are not indicated. Alumni who submit links to corporate or institutional Web pages that do not mention them by name will NOT find them listed here. If you don't like these policies...oh well, that's the way things are.

LT Trey Adams '91
Capt. Brent Andberg, USMC '91
LT Gregory C. "Arch" Archbold '90
Maurie Ash '68
David S. Bigelow '??
Douglas Blackburn '95
Col. Charles F. Bolden, Jr.,USMC '68 (astronaut)
Brigadier General Charles F. Bolden, Jr., USMC '68
Richard E. Bowe ??
CDR Kenneth D. Bowersox '78
R. Mitchell Brown III '68
Don Brutzman '78
Col. James F. Buchli, USMC
CAPT Bruce W. Buckley '73
Arleigh Albert Burke '23
CDR Daniel W. Bursch '79
John A. Burt '65?
R.W. Butcher '??
CAPT Tom Butler '69
Robert A. Byrne, '60
Col. R. Cabana, USMC '71
LT Robert A. Cameron '90
LCDR Kenneth Carkhuff '82
Dave Carroll '??
Jimmy Carter '46
Kent Churchill '90
Robert G. "Bob" Claitor '48
John Clodig ??
CAPT Michael L.Coats '68
Michael "Mike" Coleman '88
Frank Conlon ??
Bernard A. "Tony" Correia III '93
CAPT John O. Creighton '66
CDR Michael J. Cregge '76
CDR Thomas D. Crowley '78
CAPT Frank L. Culbertson, Jr. '71
CDR Philip Hart Cullom ??
LCDR Robert L. Curbeam, Jr. '84
Donavon F. Duggan '57
CDR Joe F. Edwards, Jr. '80
Sean Fahey '94
Jim Finn '89
Allen "Al" Flanagan '88
CDR C.A. "Charlie" Floyd '71
LT Sean Fuller '89
Paul Galanti '62
LT Stuart Gaudet '88
CDR Dominic L. Gorie '79
S. David Griggs '??
Kevin Gue '85
LT Wesley "Wes" Guinn '89
LT Mark Bennett Guevarra '88
Anthony F. Gutierrez '91
Alan Hale '80
William F. 'Bull' Halsey Jr. '04
Robert A. Heinlein '29
John C. "Jack" Henze '64
Wes Hildebrandt '95
LT Steven "Steve" Hilgendorf '89
Kathryn P. Hire '81
Harry "Doc" Hoffman '65
CDR Michael Holden '78
Ralph Hubbard '82
Tom Hubbard '87
W. David Hurley '69
LCDR Brent Jett '81
Stuart C. Johnson '??
LCDR Mike Jones '??
Randy Kahn '78
Joe Kavale '68
Bill Kennedy '63
LCDR Robert S. Kerno Jr. '82
LCDR Bob Kopas '84
CDR Joseph G. Kovalchik '77
LT Carl Lahti '89
ADM Charles R. Larson, '58
CDR Wendy B. Lawrence '81

William P. Lawrence '51
David C. Leestma '71
CDR (MC) J. M. Linenger '77
James Long '61
RADM (Select) Peter A.C. Long '67
Michael E. Lopez-Alegria '80
John M. "Mike" Lounge '69
Mark Lusk '82
LT Dennis Maloney '88
Douglas Martin '75
Blasco Mattioni '51
David Mayers '60
Mark W. "Mac" McBride '80
Senator John McCain '58
CAPT Bruce McCandless II '58
Angus Laughton Malcolm Thom McLean III '84
Capt. Charles B. "Chip" McClelland, USMC '86
Thomas A. Mercer '62 (Retired 9/8/95 as
  Supt., NPS Monterey; bio page was deleted.)
ENS Michael W. Meredith '95
Mike Merritt '85
Allen Miller '60
CAPT James J. Miller '74
Bob Milligan '??
Christopher N.K. Mooers '57
John B. "Brad" Mooney Jr. '??
Bob Moran '83
Theodore H. Mortonson '82
Timothy E. Moses, Esq.
Michael J. Nevins ??
William Ormsby '89
Stephen S. Oswald '73
RADM Marc Y. E. Pelaez '68
Maj Gerald A. Peters, USMC '84
Robert B. Pirie, Jr. '55
CAPT Ronald L. Polkowsky '74
Ralph Quarles '79
Arthur W. Radford '16
William F. Readdy '74
CAPT Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr. '73
David Robinson '87
Jeff Rogers
Mary L. Romelfange
Paul Rumelhart '??
Karen Sandell ??
Edward J. 'Sandy' Sanderson, Jr. '??
Gerard "Gerry" Schaefer '89
CAPT William M. Shepherd '71
RADM Scott Sears '66
Richard J. Seymour '??
Douglas "Doug" Schutz '87
Arthur W. "Art" Scrivener '81
ADM Leighton Smith '62
LT Randall "sluggo" Smith '89
Michael J. Spear '??
RADM Craig E. Steidle '68
Mike Stephens '71
LT Robert Stone '85
David "Patrick" Studer '88
James M. Taylor '56
CDR Pierre J. Thuot '77
CAPT Michael R. Tollefson '68
Ray Trygstad '77
John Van Maele '72
Col. David A. Vetter, USMC '67
Scott Vogelsang '84
Denis Waitley '??
Frank Warner Wagner '??
CAPT David M. Walker '66
LT John "Duke" Wade '90
CAPT David M. Walker '66
Don Walsh '??
Dan Wheeler '75
Glen H. Wheless '78
CAPT Dennis J. Whitford '72
John "Jack " Williams '61
H. Donald Weatherson ??
LT Jason D. Wong '87
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